Bahay Pag-Asa Foundation is a response to the growing demands of the street children that we’ve helped for the last 15 years as a part of our legacy. Focusing on the Out-Of-School youth, the mission is to provide them a better future and better living conditions. We believe that these are integral in building their character and helping them become better and responsible citizens.
Starting out in 2002, we have made a positive impact within the community. With our humble beginnings as a feeding program for the malnourished kids of Rhodesia, we have become bigger with far more ambitious goals in mind.
The Heart of the Foundation
Educational Assistance
Educational Assistance
Values Foundation
Values Foundation
Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Rehabilitation
Spiritual, Emotional, & Mental Rehabilitation
Preparation Of The Young To Become Responsible Citizens
Preparation Of The Young To Become Responsible Citizens
Bahay Pag-Asa Foundation aims to give temporary shelter to the ones who need it most:
The abused and the homeless. Our mission is to:
  • To make the premises available for the youth to stay for the day
  • To provide for food, drinks, for the hungry
  • To make medicine readily available for emergency use of the deprived
We believe that providing them basic needs such as food and shelter is only one of the many steps that we can do to help the under privileged. There is so much more that we wish to do, so we included educational assistance such as:
  • Financial assistance for students who are willing to study
  • School needs like uniform, school shoes, books, and other educational materials essential for the students’ education.
  • Transportation allowance and other practical needs of the students in the program
  • Student assistance in lesson difficulties as well as reports and projects
  • Additional help in the students’ English and Math subjects
2006 saw the beginning of UNDER THY WINGS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY. It is a non-profit school which aims to provide high standard and quality education to the less fortunate. In the School Year 2006-2007, 5 Nursery Students, 5 Kindergarten Students, and 6 Preparatory Students have graduated already. For the School Year 2016-2017, we have a total of 78 students and the numbers keep on growing.
Bahay Pag-Asa
16 Rhodesia Street
Better Living Subdivision, Paranaque City
Tel. Nos. (632) 8213482, 63917-5282142